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Labels Printing Services

Sheet-fed labels printing

labelslabels printing servicesWe are one of the biggest labels printer in the region. Sheet-fed labels are printed by using offset printing.     

Sheet-fed labels are printed: 

  • on the label paper;
  • on the metallic paper;
  • on the sticky paper;
  • on the self-adhesive film;
  • on the plastic.

Print finishing for sheet-fed labels:  Sheet fed labels

  • print finishing with different varnishes including various additives (offset, dispersive, UV, spot UV, Twin-effect, pearl, Soft touch varnishes and  varnishes with smell, with glitter, etc.);
  • hot foiling (gold, silver, etc.);
  • embossing and engraving;
  • lamination with clear and opaque film;
  • die-cutting, scoring, perforation and hole die-cutting;
  • numbering.

Self-adhesive labels in rolls 

labels in rolls adhesive labels in rolls  labels in rollsWe can print Self-adhesive labels:

• on the self-adhesive paper;
• on the self-adhesive metallized paper;
• on the self-adhesive fluorescent paper;
• on the self-adhesive white film;
• on the self-adhesive transparent film;
• on the self-adhesive metallized film;
• etc.

Flexography printing services:

• matt and gloss UV varnishing;
• lamination;
• cold foiling;
• two-sided print.


Wrap-around labels in rolls 

Wrap arround labels wrap arround labels in rolls labels for bottles

Wrap-around labels wrap around the bottle or container and are secured with hot melt glue at the end. These labels can be applied to cylindrical, square or rectangular containers made of metal, plastic or glass. Usually wrap-around labels in rolls are used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industries. Wrap-around labels in rolls are printed by using flexography printing.


Wrap-around labels can be printed: 

  • on white film;
  • on white pearlised film;
  • on metallized films;
  • on clear film.


Flexography printing services:

  • matt and gloss UV varnishing;
  • lamination; 
  • cold foiling;
  • two-sided print.

Thermal blank labels printing

blank labels Thermal labels Thermal blank labelsThermal blank labels in rolls are coloured and non-coloured labels in various sizes and forms. These labels are used for thermal transfer barcodes printing. They are excellent for shipping and carton labels, product identification, and for printing variable data and barcodes.Thermal blank labels are used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco, electricity, transport and many other industries. Thermal blank labels in rolls are printed by using flexography printing.


Thermal blank labels can be printed: 

  •  in various sizes;
  •  in various forms;
  • on paper or thermal paper.

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